Saas Sasur Ko Vash Me Karne Ka Upay सास ससुर को वश में करने का उपाय

Saas Sasur Ko Vash Me Karne Ka Upay सास ससुर को वश में करने का उपाय
Saas Ko Vash Me Karne Ka Upay, We see this often in today’s world that women face problems in adjusting with each other. There are so many women who, after marriage also fail to match pace with their mother-in-law. For some reason or the other, they fight and that is responsible for creating chaos and disturbance in the house. You cannot have a happy married life if you are not able to give and take love from your in-laws. The unnecessary interference if third person in your married relationship is harmful and threatening. If you see a lot of problems with your mother-in-law, you can effectively use saas ko vash me karne ke upay. This gives you some mantras and totke, which help you to control your mother-in-law. If you follow saas ko vash me karne ke upay, you will also see her listening to you. She will gradually be in your control.

Saas ko vash me karne ke upay is gaining much familiarity and fetches better results to the users. This will also help you in living happily and peacefully with your husband. Saas ko vash me karne ke upay will also keep up happiness in-house and you will start sharing good bond with your mother-in-law. Take help of vashikaran mantra and totke and you will eventually see good changes in your relation with your mother-in-law.

Saas ko kabu karne ke upay
Saas ko vash me karne ke upay is a powerful method. The process will be successful only of you have a pure heart and you are not doing it with evil intentions. Given below is a mantra. You will have to recite this mantra, sitting in a peaceful and comfortable environment for the continuous 21 days. Dont skip even a single day and enchant this mantra in calm and closed atmosphere.

“amey jaal mithhell phal tatra pravesha”

This saas ko vash me karne ke upay will cut the fights between you two. If you will fight less, you will eventually have good vibes at home. Alternately if you are also looking for Saas ko kabu karne ke upay, you have to do the following process:

  • Take a cloth which your mother-in-law wears and cut a piece from that. Now take that piece of cloth and write your mother-in-law’s name on that with red ink. Make sure, you write her name in red ink and no other colour.
  • Now keep that piece of cloth with you, safely, for the next seven days. Keep that in a secure place with you, so that no one else can see that cloth.
  • After seven days, take that cloth and dump that in a hole or well on the road. See that nobody is watching you while you do this.
  • This way, your mother-in-law will be under your control and will also do things as you say.

This is one of the very simple ways for saas ko vash me karne ke upay. This also reduces the fight between you two and you will live more happily with your husband and in-laws. If you also have to get better results from the leading fights, you can do one more totke:

  • For saas ko vash me karne ke upay, make a chapaati.
  • Now on the chapaati, write the name of your mother-in-law with black ink. Yes! Black ink this time.
  • Now take that cahapaati and feed that chapaati to a black bitch.
  • After that, you will see permanent magical results. Your mother-in-law will stop fighting with you. She will also start doings, the same way, you will tell her to do.
  • This saas ko vash me karne ke upay is relatively the easiest and very effective.

Saas vashikaran mantra/totka
When you are unable to stop fights, you can also use this Saas vashikaran mantra/totka.
Saas vashikaran mantra/totka
The mantra goes as

“amee zalaa meelel faley tatraa praveshaa”

For the continuous 21 days, everyday you need to recite this mantra in the first prahar and third prahar. After you take a bath both the times, you can enchant this mantra for seven times. Every time you recite this mantra, take a turn also. This means you will have to take seven turns while taking this mantra for seven times, in both prahar. With this, you will instantly notice improvement in the relationship with your saas. This saas ko vash me karne ke upay can also be used if you want to control some other women.

Saas ko vash me karne ka tarika
If you are looking for saas ko vash me karne ke upay, try this Saas ko vash me karne ka tarika.

On a Friday, wait for the time ten in night. At 10 in the night, take a bath and wear freshly washed clothes. After that, sit in a room alone and sit in a very comfortable place.
Now take some water in the anjuli finger of both of your hands. After you take water in hands, say this mantra, “maiy (your name)..amukk (your mother-in-law’s name) ko aajivannapneyyvashhmeinkarney key liyein yeh vashikarankarrrahin hun”
Now after this mantra, drop the water from your fingers on the floor. After that, you will have to wait for the results till next Monday. Meanwhile, make sure you don’t lie to anyone.
Also in these seven days time, avoid eating outside and with other people. However, you must talk more with your saas and share food with her. Stay in touch with her as often as you can.

This is a very effective saas ko vash me karne ke upay which is showing great results. This spell will not just make your relation with your saas better, but she will also start loving you. She will be in your control and will make attempts to never fight with you. These are a few saas ko vash me karne ke upay which will fetch you, the love and respect of your mother-in-law. This also corrects the fight and grievances in both of your relationship.

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